Top Up TV Sports, TV Shows & Films Packages & Offers

Unlimited Broadband

£1 a month

  • Up to 17Mb/s speed
  • Inclusive weekend landline calls
  • 5GB EE mobile data boost

  • Bright Box Router

TV Shows & Films

£18.99 a month

  • Free for first month
  • Library of series & TV Favourites
  • Pick of 28 films each month
  • No Annual Contract

Sky Sports 1, 2 & ESPN

£41.99 a month

  • Great coverage of world class sporting events
  • Barclays Premier League football, all 3 US Golf Majors
  • Half price Set Top Box, £25 Saving
  • No Annual Contract

ESPN Sports Pack

£11.99 a month

  • FA Cup with Budweiser plus rugby, tennis & more..
  • Domestic and European football
  • Half price Set Top Box,£25 Saving
  • No Annual Contract
Great Value Sky TV & Broadband Bundles & Offers
Topuptv Packs

If you are a big fan of high quality entertainment but would prefer not to pay a hefty monthly subscription then Top Up TV has some of the best TV packs for you to benefit from! Customers need only make a one-off purchase from the official website to get a new set top box. Once this has been received, customers can add on new packs without the pressure of an annual contract.

PictureBox customers can enjoy TV and film for just £18.99 a month with the first month for free. You can enjoy watching TV favourites like Desperate Housewives or Brothers and Sisters, or you can escape to another world with all of the latest movie releases. Every month there are 28 new titles to pick from!

If you are more of a sports fan than a movie buff then you can tailor your package to reflect that as well. Go for the Sports Channels at great value prices with no contract. This includes access to ESPN as well as Sky Sports 1 & 2. With access to these channels you could be watching key matches from Premier League or UEFA Champions League football as well as horse racing, motorsport, cricket, golf, darts and basketball.

Those bargain hunters among you can even take advantage of a few other deals from Top Up TV. For instance, when you subscribe to ESPN, Sky Sports 1 & Sky Sports 2, you can get your set top box for half price. That’s a whopping £25 saving! Or, if you prefer you can even enjoy these channels without needing a set top box. All you need is a CI+ CAM adaptor and a suitable television which enables the viewing of these digital channels. This means that you can also use the same remote as you would normally for your TV, making your lounge a clutter free zone.

Topuptv Equipment

There is no way to enjoy great television these days without a set top box to provide digital broadcasting. Every television provider that currently offers a subscription service will require their customers to purchase a set top box. When you use Top Up TV, you can get this for a one-off payment of £49.99. The T215 set top box includes a card slot and a no-hassle installation process. Once you plug it in you can begin watching TV instantly!

If you prefer not to have to buy a set top box then there is still a way for you to enjoy using Top Up TV services. With a CI+ CAM adaptor you can receive the same access to channels without the added clutter of a box and a remote. You will need a digital TV in order for this to work.

Top Up TV is one of the simplest services currently available in the UK. There are no unnecessary costs involved with this service, as you can tailor it to suit your preferred viewing at any time. There are also no additional set up processes or lots of wires involved in order to be able to use the service. By using the CI+ adaptor, viewers can even use their own TV remote to switch between programmes rather than having to purchase another separate remote control.

There is no minimum contract or any long term commitments when you choose Top Up TV. All that you need to get started is the set top box. You can begin to tailor your viewing to your preferences as soon as the equipment has arrived. Just visit the website to add packs with additional channels to your service.

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