About Cookies

A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer by websites which you visit. It's like your unique identity. Its task is to notify the website when you have returned. While it is possible to misuse cookies when they contain personal details, cookies are not malicious by themselves.

Cookies tell website how often you visit it, which helps understand what interests you. In this way, websites can give you more content you like. Cookies also let you store preferences and user names, register with websites and personalize pages. You can also find more information at Wikipedia.

How do we use cookies?

When you or anyone else visits our website and goes on to deals or offers listed with us, we earn a small commission from respective retailers. For this to happen, we place a cookie in your computer when you visit a retailer listed on If you go on to purchase something, this cookie identifies you as having come from our website and thus we earn our commission.

However, not every retailer pays us a commission, yet we always strive to bring to you the latest discount coupon and deals from your favorite retailers, to help you save money!

Any other way we use cookies?

Yes. Along with using cookies to earn commissions, we use them during registration process, to alter our site's appearance based on your preferences and also to record your usage details. All this to simple provide you the best experience on

Affiliate Links and Cookies

When you visit one of the online retailers from our website the chances are you'll do so using an affiliate link. These links, along with the cookies they set, ensure that we earn our commission when you purchase from the retailer and in turn ensure the continual operation of our website.

How to remove and block our cookies?

It's simple. All you need to do is modify your web browser's settings. For detailed instructions and about turning off cookies, we recommend you check out guides at To know how to disable cookies on different browsers and their versions please visit - To know how to delete cookies on different browsers and their versions please visit -

Cookies to Google Analytics and other Web Tools

Google Analytics is one of the several web tools we use to anonymously track the use of our website by those who visit it. All the data is aggregated and is totally anonymous, which means you cannot be identified personally. Similarly, we use other tools to understand user behavior on our websites so that we can work towards improving user experience. Know how Google Analytics cookies work for user experience and interactions here - You can prevent your data from being used by Google Analytics with the “Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on” –

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