Digital TV Providers


Sky is the biggest digital television provider in the UK thanks to its innovative technology and exclusive programming which includes the likes of Mad Men, Game of Thrones, sports and movies. Sky TV customers can benefit from a great selection of services and entertainment, building their very own Sky TV package by selecting the entertainment they want and also the different ways in which they can watch it.

There are a number of different entertainment packs available for customers, including Sky Entertainment, which is comprised of over thirty channels featuring the best comedy, drama and reality television programmes; Sky Entertainment Extra, which has the same channels and more, with additional documentaries, news, kids’ shows and more and Sky Entertainment Extra +, which features over eighty channels with forty-five or so of these high-definition versions. Box sets of certain programmes are regularly available on demand too. Once you have chosen the entertainment pack on which you want to build your package, you can then go on and add on Sky Sports (which features exclusive Premier League football and Formula 1 Racing) and Sky Movies, which boasts up to five new premieres every week as well as hundreds of blockbusters and classics for you to choose from.

Customers can then select ways in which to enjoy the entertainment through Sky boxes, which come with the capability of pausing, rewinding and recording live television. There is also Sky multiscreen to consider if you want to try watching different Sky channels in different rooms of the house, as well as Sky Go which allows you to watch entertainment on your device when you’re out of the house. If you have a 3D TV, you can even access the company’s one 3D channel, Sky 3D, which shows documentaries, sports, live concerts and so on.


BT boasts a fantastic television service that offers customers all the latest and best entertainment from around the world, BT TV customers can benefit from over 70 excellent Freeview channels to enjoy, including four channels that can be viewed in stunning high definition. Those who sign up for the provider’s television services also have a great level of control over the channels with the ability to pause and rewind live television and record up to 300 hours of entertainment to watch back at a time to suit them.

A new BT Sport service is now available too – launching in the summer of 2015, this service will allow sports fans to catch all the action from the Aviva Premiership rugby league as well as 18 of the best Barclay’s Premier League games over the season. On top of this, BT Sport allows customers to watch the FA Cup on ESPN, WTA tennis, the Scottish Premier League and more great sporting action.

Customers can also choose to add on some excellent additional channels to their package too – some of the most popular channels include Gold, National Geographic, Fox, Eurosport, Comedy Central, MTV and Animal Planet. This wide range of entertainment and ability to record shows and watch them back at a later date means that there will always be something on if you choose to become a BT TV customer – if you are struggling to find something live then you can simply flick through TV Catch Up for all the best TV from the last week, as well as checking out BT Vision which contains an enormous range of TV shows, films, kids shows and much more all readily available at your fingertips.

Virgin Media

Virgin’s fantastic dish-free TV service is packed full of great entertainment which means that you will always be able to find something to watch when you become a one of its customers. The company boasts over 200 excellent channels which show great entertainment from around the world, including comedy shows, drama series’, films, sports, kids’ shows, news, documentaries and much more.

Some of the channels that are available to you when you become a customer include fan favourites such as Dave, MTV, Sky 1, BBC News, Film 4, TCM, Sky Sports News, British Eurosport, BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC3, Sky Living, GOLD, Comedy Central, E4 and Fox, plus plenty of kids’ channels, news channels and more. As well as all of this, you can also add on popular collections such as Sky Sports and Sky Movies for a certain amount each month too.

There are also a few different ways in which you can enjoy Virgin TV too, including its famous TiVo boxes which allow users to easily pause, rewind and record TV shows at the touch of a button – you can even record three shows simultaneously if you are watching a pre-recorded one. There is also a Catch-Up TV service which contains the best entertainment from the last week.

You can also take your viewing experience to the next level through Virgin’s thirty-two high-definition channels that are available to you if you have a high-definition television. High-definition viewing really is the level that everyone should be aiming for when they watch television, and there are few better places to sign up for it than with Virgin Media.

Talk Talk

TalkTalk customers can benefit from a TV service which offers excellent value to them in monetary terms, as well as being packed full of great entertainment too. The reason that this service is so special is that TalkTalk has teamed up with popular channels BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 to create a new and unique way of being able to enjoy their programming, with customers given the ability to search through thousands of hours of their entertainment as well as being able to rewind live TV and record it with their remotes as well.

With TalkTalk TV you have access to four thousand fantastic shows and films meaning that there will certainly always be something on when you are a TalkTalk TV customer. The provider also offers something called TV Boosts – this is a thoughtful service which allows you to add on packs such as Sky Movies and Sky Sports for a month at a time, meaning you don’t have to pay to have them for the entirety of your subscription – this is particularly handy if there is a sporting competition taking place one month or a series of films showing that you don’t want to miss.

When you sign up to TalkTalk TV you will get your YouView box for free when it would usually cost around £299, and you also can choose between a free installation from a professional engineer who can come round and do it all for you or the options of installing it yourself if you wish to do so. This service from TalkTalk is fantastic value for money considering what you get when you become a customer and all the handy features already mentioned, like YouView and TV Boosts.


If you do not want to be tied down by lengthy subscription contracts from your television provider then there is a brilliant solution available to you from Top Up TV. You have an excellent and varied choice of channels available to you, and you simply pay for what you want by the month, meaning that you do not have to pay a substantial amount for a channel that you won’t watch on a constant basis. This is a handy and thoughtful service from Top Up TV, perfect for anyone looking to save some money on their TV subscription and being able to pick and choose what they want to watch.

There is a great range of entertainment to choose from – for instance, you can access the biggest sporting channels including Sky Sports 1 and 2 as well as ESPN, meaning you could be enjoying the Barclays Premier League, all the cricketing action around the year, horse racing, tennis tournaments, rugby and much more. The service also offers 28 films for you to choose each month from a variety of genres.

When you sign up to Top Up TV you will receive its Set Top Box which carries all of the Freeview channels so you can then simply add on Sky Sports 1, 2 and ESPN for a month at a time if you wish to do so. This is a simple and straightforward method of enjoying your television, allowing you to not be tied down and committed to these channels if you do not think you will watch them every month of the year. If this sounds good to you then you can get on board with the provider whenever you like.

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