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Sky TV: An Overview

Since its launch in 1990, Sky has been at the forefront of the way the UK watches TV. Their innovations in technology and services to clients make them the UKs no1 paid TV Company and it is easy to see why. Even the sports and movie industry has changed as a result of Sky’s commitment to bringing the customers the best home experience.

Their motto “Believe in Better” is clearly a marker in how they feel about innovation and experience. From when they bought the rights to show the Premier League in 1992 and brought Sky Sports to the public. This went from showing up to 60 Premier League games a year and a standard service to customers to now offering 5 sports channels and Sky Sports News the 24 hour channel dedicated to bringing breaking news.

Sky offers the public channels and options that no other company can. The Sky TV packages start with basic channels, but the options you have are customisable to your preferences. All their bundles include the Sky Q box - the most innovative at home TV box. It has a 1 or 2TB storage system depending on which box you select, meaning that you can store over 350 hours of HD. You can also record 4 shows at the same time -whilst you watch another program, this gives any family more options so if there is a prime time slot that is popular for the whole household - no one has to miss out. Another attraction of Sky Q is the launch of Sky Q mini - this means you can watch Sky TV in multiple rooms with ease, good for the bedroom or wherever you please.

The innovations from Sky do not stop there, with the SkyQ app, making it possible for customers to stream from their Sky Q box, onto their mobile or tablet - you have access to your TV from wherever you are! This incredible box really is one for the modern age of TV viewing and creates an experience for viewers like no other.

All packages can be customised and are set at the price you pay for 18 months, you can even add Sky Movies for a little extra, this offers users the chance to watch different collections including Superhero and all the latest blockbusters in the comfort of your own home - with all that storage space to fill, you will need something to make use of that Sky Q box.

You even have the option to create a bundle that includes box sets as well as the standard package, this means you have access to over 350 different shows as well as over 50 HD channels. You can add channels like Sky Sports and Sky Movies as part of the customisable service.

Sky have also made it easy to install your box, you can create an appointment in the click of a button and installation should take around an hour. The engineers will even show you the amazing features of your new box and home entertainment system. Once you have ordered you can track the progress online, it's a great way of keeping up to date. The engineer will also be in contact to ensure you that they will be arriving at the arranged time, once they are with you they will advise of the best place to put your dish.

Sky also offers the chance to watch their services through Now TV. If you are not a Sky subscriber you can watch Sky Sports, Entertainment without a contract, watching instantly from over 60 different devices including your mobile, games console and many more. For a one off fee you can experience the same great packages that Sky has to offer its customers. There is even a Now TV box available that can be sent straight to your door within 3-5 working days. This allows you to connect to your broadband and download apps, pause and rewind TV (with the Smart Box) and many more features.

Sky really has thought of everything when it comes to their TV packages, with something for all the family that have not only made their choices very customisable and varied, they have also thought about the customer experience such as the home entertainment system. They have made life convenient for TV lovers and it is no wonder that they are the most popular out there.

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Sky Products & Services

Sky has put more effort into their home entertainment products than any company in the UK market, their innovative approach to convenience and variety has made them the market leader they currently are. With so many products and services to choose from, we will take a look at some of them now:

Sky TV

Sky TV offers the most complete service on the market. All their packages are customizable and start with the standard channels and package that includes over 35 channels not available on free TV. There is also the box set bundle giving you access to over 350 box sets with multiple series! All the packages can be amended to add Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and more. Each package includes the Sky Q box which will transform the way you watch TV. The best thing about each package is that you can amend it at any time - want to add Sky Sports? Just call and they will arrange for it to be part of your package.

Installation is fast to arrange, a quick email or call and you can discuss when your engineer will arrive. They will call to double check the time, then they will recommend the best place to put your dish, and when they have finished installation they will even give you a quick tour of some of the amazing features your new box has, just ask them any questions you might have. The whole thing should take no more than an hour to complete.

You will even have access to Sky Go allowing you to watch your favorite channels from your laptop or mobile so you never miss out on a live sport or programme at the time of viewing. Channels such as Sky Atlantic are available on all bundles - so never miss your favorite programs again, want to watch Game of Thrones or hit shows such as Riviera or The Young Pope, then even the most reasonably priced package allows this.

Competitors such as Virgin do not have any of their own channels, so the original place for many of paid TVs best originate from Sky. This might be why Virgins basic TV bundle only includes around 70 channels, whereas Sky's basic TV has over 270! - huge value to be found through Sky TV. If you are looking for the most complete TV experience then you should consider Sky for your paid TV provider. Their variety and value is the reason they are the biggest paid TV Company in the UK - it doesn't matter if you are a fan of sports, movies or box sets, Sky TV really does have it all - and more.

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Sky Broadband

In such a competitive market it is important for any entertainment provider to offer a full range of services, this means in today's market they should provide an internet service that is not only fast, reliable but also competitively priced. Luckily for the UK Sky has all of this amongst across various packages.

Offering the regular use packages at a reasonable price, Sky TV has also entered the super fast game of broadband providing with their 76mb Fibre packages. Their unlimited downloads commitment, with the full service even during peak times has made them one of the UK's biggest broadband providers.

This service isn't only available to Sky TV customers, anyone can enjoy their broadband. They often run deals for you to take advantage of so keep an eye out to get a good price locked in. You can combine a broadband package with a TV deal, this will get you a good discount. There is also the option to get calls included as part of a package as well with UK calls to mobiles included in some bundles - with inclusive calls capped to a maximum of 60 minutes per call.

Their Fibre packages offer two packages, unlimited or up to 25GB of usage which is very competitive compared to its rivals. Although it is currently only available to around 60% of homes in the UK, this is improving. Speeds obviously vary depending on where you live, so check your postcode firstly to see if Fiber is available and you may wish to look up the service people in your area receive before deciding on which Broadband package you will choose.

Sky broadband customer service never used to have a good reputation, customer could often be found to complain about the amount of time it took to get through to a representative and the amount of time it took to fix issues. Now Sky TV are alongside Virgin regularly filling the number 1 & 2 slots on Ofcoms broadband customer service ratings with customer satisfaction regularly around the 90% mark. When considering that anything over 70% is considered above average this makes for good ratings for Sky.

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Sky Fibre

Skys Fibre packages come in two packages, 25GB or unlimited which is keeping up with the industry standard of offering their best broadband as an unlimited package as well. BT offer their fastest broadband to over 80% of UK homes, however Sky is only able to reach 60% currently, although they are constantly updating this statistic as they reach more homes. Like with any broadband service, the speeds you can get aren't always as advertised, this is optimum and depends on area. If you are worried you might live in a location too remote or that might not enjoy good speeds because of past experience, it is always good to research online to see if people in your area receive good speeds.

The unlimited package offers users the chance to enjoy all their downloads and streaming without worrying about it compromising the speed or service.

If you are a sky fiber customer you can also benefit from Sky's broadband shield, meaning your family will get protection against sites that might be harmful to your computer or laptop and slow down your internet. With this service you are able to decide on what kind of content gets to your home. Also you can customize age categories ensuring your younger ones are protected - thus giving you the peace of mind you need as a parent. You can even create a watershed, meaning the age restrictions can be applicable for certain times of the day. If you wanted to - you can even block entire websites altogether. This doesn't just work on your pc or laptop, it also helps protect your mobile, smartphone and even your games console.

With UK’s average speeds of 34mb for their unlimited Sky fibre and an incredible average of 60mb for their Sky Fibre Max these are some of the fastest packages available. It is simple to switch to Sky Fibre with the help of the Sky Switch Squad - a customer service that offers to deal with the provider you currently use, to take the hassle out of switching for you, and only leaves most customers without broadband for a few minutes.

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Sky Q

When it comes to innovation, you can find at the forefront of advances in home entertainment technology. They are not selfish either, offering the incredible Sky Q box for all packages. Depending on what package you go for you can get either a 1TB or 2TB box, this offers an incredible amount of hours of HD recording - over 350 for the 2TB box and a lot more of standard definition recording.

With Sky Q, one of the great features for families, is the ability to record 4 shows whilst watching another at the same time. This really does show how Sky is dedicated to offering customers a great TV experience and gives them the opportunity to get the maximum out of their box. The Sky Q app is also something that entices many customers, with the ability for customers to stream their recorded shows on their device - there is also the chance to watch live TV here as well as watch any movie rentals you may have purchased.

Through Sky Q you can also download and use apps such as Youtube, Facebook and Spotify, although Netflix is not currently available which really would make it a complete service as far as we are concerned. You can however, download all of Sky's own apps such as Sky News and Sky Sports, allowing you to flick through articles of interest on your TV

Bluetooth is also available, so you can stream the Spotify app through it and use the speakers of your TV to play the music from your device - this may influence your decision when buying a new TV if you are considering this. The Bluetooth also ensure that you don't need to point the remote at the TV - Sky are making life as easy as possible! It is also impossible to lose your Sky Q remote - just click the Q logo on the box to make the remote itself beep - just listen out to find it!

So the future of paid TV boxes is here, and now is the time to try it for yourself, you and your family won't miss a TV show again, let alone use all of its other incredible features.

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Sky Sports

The face and future of UK sports, there are few sports broadcasting institutions as famous and reputable as Sky Sports, and it is clear to see why. From its beginnings in 1991, Sky has put the customer at the front of their operations, this is clear from the amount of sports they feature as well as the major sporting events they cover that no other provider has access to.

Sky Sports has recently announced they are to launch 9 sports channels, including channels dedicated to Cricket, Football, Premier League, Golf and F1. This shows Sky’s dedication to bringing customers more of what they want and also their commitment to the sport, as those featured will benefit from greater investment to put into the future and quality of their sports. There is also a new main event channel - this will offer the very best live events from all Sky Sports channels.

Sky has invested in more programs to make the new channels more entertaining as well as the opportunity to personalise the Sky Sports App for your preferences, again putting customer needs at the forefront of their services. If you think when Sky Sports started showing the Premier league in 1992 they showed 60 live games to customers - today they offer customers the chance to watch 126 Premier league games across their MNF (Monday Night Football), Friday nights and weekend matches throughout the campaign.

There are even additional features on the Sky Sports app which includes a new timeline, through this app there is also live action available as well as the latest highlights and goals immediately available on your phone.

If you are a fan of F1 then you will have to get Sky Sports to enjoy their full access experience, the dedicated channel with be a must for any racing fan. Every race is also available in Ultra HD so the experience of watching the big race is enhanced to the best you can get. You can also customise how you watch the race using the red button - including different camera angles and a lot more.

Sky Sports really is the best place to put your trust in paid TV sporting viewing, the most complete and dedicated packages are available for you in your home today.

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Sky Cinema

Before Sky Cinema customers could not enjoy the same at home cinema experience they do now. In the modern age, customers are spoilt to instant access to a huge array of movies at the click of a button, with Sky’s recent re branding to Sky Cinema at the forefront of it.

The commitment to 4k movies means customers will get to watch some of their favourite films in the best clarity of picture available. These will include some of the latest premieres that come as standard when you choose upgrade to the Sky Cinema package, with the HD channels included as standard.

As with anything, you can't dwell on your success and stay in the same place, therefore after their re branding from Sky Movies last year Sky committed to offering more than ever before. Not only did they commit to providing a new premiere every day (! talk about commitment to outstanding variety!) as well as world cinema Wednesday for the more art house movie buffs. You will also get movies before anyone else, with some having only been released at the cinema a mere few months before they are available on Sky Cinema. This isn't just any selection of movie that features, some of the biggest blockbusters come to Sky before anywhere else.

On top of that there are over 1,000 movies available on demand! Think about the value of that in itself, you could find something to watch every night without even touching the main service. No other paid TV service can match up to such a vast back catalogue of movies. You can even search by actor as well as genre - simple!

If you aren't able to get to your TV - maybe it is more convenient to watch on your smartphone or tablet? With many movies being available to download you can even take them onto your flight or commute and not need a wifi connection to view.

With HD becoming the standard for Sky Cinema, the quality of picture combined with the array of films on offer and the time they are available makes Sky Cinema the best paid TV option for any movie buff or film enthusiast.

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With every new box release, also comes new innovations and features. Whilst Sky has always been proud of its multiroom service, the standard way of doing this was to install multiple boxes throughout your home. Sky has made it easier to watch your favourite TV anywhere in the home.

For a small fee every month, customers can upgrade to Sky Q multiscreen, making it possible for you to watch from your main box in any room around the house. You can also download onto your phone or tablet to make it easy to view whilst on the go, without using data or wifi once it is on your device.

This is in line with companies like Netflix who recently rolled out the download service for certain films and programs, it is becoming a standard service for TV providers in order to keep up with the competition. The Ultra HD customers can experience as part of Sky Q multiscreen is another bonus - the extra TVs around your house will thank you for it!

With a Sky Q mini box, you also have the ability to pause a screen in one room, then continue watching from where you left it in another. So if you are getting tired on the sofa and want to finish watching something in the bedroom, a mini box allows you to do this. You can connect up to four of these mini boxes, making your home a real hub for viewing.

The Sky Q app also allows customers to watch on multiple screens, this allows you to watch live TV, and is where you can download content onto your device.

Another benefit of these mini boxes is they double up as Wifi hotspot - meaning your Sky broadband is enhanced throughout the house giving you speed where you might not have been able to get it before.

There are additional one off costs for every Sky Q mini box you wish to bring into your home, but once you have paid that it is quite affordable. If you are the sort of person that enjoys convenience then Sky TV experience is something we would recommend.

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Sky Box Sets

So you have a sky bundle that you're happy with but you're curious about what else is available, maybe you're a new customer browsing through your options. You might not have been aware that Sky now offers Sky box sets as an upgrade and package. The rise in popular TV shows and the trend to watch gripping series in recent years has resulted in some incredible series.

It is not just amazing dramas and award winning comedies, there are also some incredible wildlife and children's options from the 350+ boxsets available. Most box sets are available with up to 5 times the picture quality in HD, adding picture quality to the variety on show. If you have a TV capable of showing 3D your series may even pop out of the TV, as there are also boxsets in this genre waiting to be viewed. Some of the wildlife programs in particular even put you right in the picture with some of the world's most incredible wildlife footage, in 3D.

Kids at home? Half term or summer holiday - UK weather not offering much for you to do? There are over 4500 children's TV episodes available at the click of a button, they are ready to view in a separate planner, much like the Netflix app - that reminds us, there is also a Sky Kids app that comes as standard. You can even set up your children with their own profile giving them access to tailor their own TV experience depending on age related preferences.

You can search by genre, this includes Sky originals such as the addictive Riviera and Guerrilla. Other sections include comedy, drama, action and more. You can also find shows by searching through the channels, Sky Atlantic is a popular one as you can view blockbuster hits such as Game of Thrones at any time, others included are Sky 1HD, Sky Sports News, National Geographic, Disney and many more.

The box sets are available on demand, meaning you never have to wait for another episode to become available and you don't have to wait for anything to buffer, just choose a series and wait for the ensuing addiction to kick in.

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Sky Mobile

One of Sky's services that you do not always hear a lot about is Sky Mobile. Giving the quality of their packages this is surprising offering customers the phone they want when they want it they have tailored their packages to meet people's needs whilst considering their circumstances of affordability.

One of the best features of Sky mobile is the option to change your phone to a new one every year. This is good for anyone who prefers to stay up to date with the latest that your favourite and trusted brands have available but also not be tied into long contracts with the same phone.

There is also the opportunity to roll over data, anything that you do not use can be used the next month. This is unlimited and can be kept for anything up to 3 years. If you are the sort of person that does not run out of data this could benefit you, more and more companies are offering deals when it comes to data and Sky is no exception.

If you are a current Sky TV customer then you can benefit from the free and unlimited calls and texts that sky offers if you make a switch from your current provider to any of their data plans, you can do this for up to 5 people in your household so Sky really are trying to win over new customers.

Their plans are customisable so with Sky mobile you really can choose a package that suits you. This is not set once your contract begins, you can amend it on a monthly basis, so you could save money depending on how much you are spending on your plan on a monthly basis. This is a good way of Sky trying to save customers money but helping them to spend money on only what they need.

There is also the unique Sync Sky+ recordings available to Sky mobile customers, this allows you to stream recordings as well as download them on wifi to watch later. With many phones and packages to choose from as well as speedy and free delivery of phones, Sky Mobile is a serious option for anyone when finding a new tariff, for Sky TV customers it really should be considered.

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Sky Talk

If you offer broadband, you most likely offer calls as well. Sky’s broadband has an excellent reputation and their Sky Talk service is no different. Depending on what your intended use is, if it is just to stay in touch or have longer conversations with loved ones, you can choose from various packages to keep your costs down.

You can choose from Sky Talk evenings and weekends includes inclusive calls to UK landlines Monday - Friday evenings as well as 24/7 calls to sky customer services. There is also Sky Anytime Extra and Sky International extra, these cost more but are better if you are likely to make international calls and want to keep costs down.

There is also the Sky Pay as You Talk package. If you are not one for calling or don't think you will use that kind of service often then you can select this package that only charges for the calls you make. This is available to any Sky broadband or Fibre customers who do not select a talk package.

Sky make it easy for customers to switch to their services across the board, whether this is TV, broadband or Sky Talk it is simple to do. They will even help you to keep your old number if you have an existing phone line. If you do not then Sky can come to your home and install a new line if necessary.

Sky line rental includes many different features such as a voicemail service for only £1.25 a month, free call display so you can see who is calling if your phone has a display capable of this and you can also deactivate the displaying of your number when you call other people. Talk shield is a concept Sky features that helps you to field off an unwanted calls. This service can distinguish between genuine callers and robots, anyone using this will be given the choice to answer such a call before they are connected. You can add any unwanted numbers to a list that will stop them from being able to get through.

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All about Sky TV Equipment

When it comes to packages and options Sky's TV offerings are second to none, but how do their technology and TV equipment stack up? For a long time Sky stuck to the similar designs of box and remote without too many significant changes over the years. That was until recently when they launched Sky Q - the most innovative paid TV box on the market.

Described as ‘’the next generation box’’ for a reason, Sky Q has changed the way people view TV by allowing customers to record 4 programs at the same time, as well as letting them watch TV whilst this is happening. This is significant for anyone who find they regularly miss out on one program because they are recording another. There are two boxes available, the 1TB and 2TB box. With the 2TB box you can record an incredible 1000+ hours of TV and record six programs whilst watching a seventh!

The Sky Q touch remote is an innovative piece of equipment on its own, allowing users to hold down the voice button found on the side to activate the voice search mode. This helps customers to search even faster. It even comes with a touch pad that allows you to scroll with ease as you find those all important programs to catch up on. The Sky Q box and remote even work together so you never lose your remote, simply press the Q button on the box to activate a beep mode on your remote that lasts for 30 seconds - never lose your remote again!

Sky Q multiscreen has revolutionized viewing TV in multiple rooms. Sky has made it so with minimal equipment you can install the mini box in any room to allow you to watch your favorite shows. You can even pause in one room and resume watching in another, who wouldn't want to switch from the sofa to the bed to finish watching a film at night? It seems Sky are trying to make a name for themselves as a company that maximizes the capabilities of its products as the mini box also works with your Sky broadband to act as a wifi hotspot, strengthening the signal of your wifi throughout the house.

So to say Sky's equipment is built with the customer in mind and made for the modern age would be an understatement, with so much power behind their equipment it is hard to think of what they can do to improve their equipment. With so much technology in your home, there has never been a better time to enjoy Sky TV.

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All about Sky Broadband Equipment

Skys broadband packages are some of the most competitive in the market. Consider this as well as their top two in the industry broadband customer service and you have a formidable option for your broadband. But what also sets it apart is the equipment that brings the technology to your home and the simple installation process.

The Sky Q hub is Skys fastest most innovative router than can offer one of the most reliable broadbands on the market today. It is so smart, it actually scans your home and offers the best signal possible - how about that for technology doing its own thinking! Not only can it support up to an incredible 64 devices all at once - could be useful for small business needs? - But if your device supports Wireless then you could experience up to 3 times the data transfer speed by using Sky Q hubs.

On the back of the Sky Q hub you will alo find all the information you need to get online. There are also step by step instructions that can be found online that help you to get connected through wireless or a wired connection.

Not only are they good for broadband, they are good for the environment, the Sky Q hub knows when you are not using it and will go into low power mode in an effort to save energy, saving you money on your bills as well.

Sky even have a dedicated switch squad who are they for you when switching broadband from another provider, they will even deal with your previous provider if it is one of the major broadband companies during the whole process giving you peace of mind and less stress when dealing with the switch. You will find that you are likely to be without broadband for only a few minutes in the whole process.

Sky have even included broadband related equipment in their other devices. If you are using the Sky Q Multiscreen mini box then you will find that this not only allows you to watch TV in another room, it also acts as a Wifi Hotspot, boosting your signal in other parts of your home.

It is easy to see why Skys broadband equipment is considered so reliable with the technology that goes into it. As well as the useful innovations such as low power mode and the search for the best signal technology, it seems that Sky is committed to providing the best options for customers in all areas. In an era where a reliable and fast internet connection is so important, it is good to know that big companies are so committed to improvement.

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Why Choose Sky

In a competitive but crowded market with every provider promising the best technology, variety and service it is hard to distinguish what is the best option for your home when considering TV and broadband. One of the most reliable and obvious choices has to be Sky. Let's take a look at variety, technology and service to see why you should choose Sky.

Firstly if you are looking for a complete home package with the best technology, Sky offers the Sky Q box. This incredible box allows users to record 4 programs whilst watching a 5th live, oh, and it's available on all Sky TV packages that include all the best channels such as Sky Atlantic, Sky1 and many more.

The selection alone gives many a reason to go with Sky. You can view in HD, with 4k also becoming more popular and there are even 3D shows available on some packages. Add to this the Sky Box Set bundle - choose from over 350 box sets that are laid out in easy to find categories, you can even search by actor! Sky aren't done yet, with the ability to watch on your device through the app as well, you can even download certain programs onto your phone or tablet to watch later.

Want to watch Sky in multiple rooms? No problem - the Sky Q multiroom mini box allows users to pause TV in one room, and resume watching from the same spot in another room. This small but amazing box allows you to reach all the data on the Sky Q box and even acts as a wifi hotspot - boosting your signal throughout the house.

They are also the home of Sky Sports, with a new range of channels just launching that offer fan of Cricket, Golf, F1 and football the chance to watch whole channels dedicated to their favorite sports. There is also the small matter of 124 live premier league games for you to enjoy. Ultra HD on Sky Sports is only available through Sky so if you are viewing through a different provider you won't get the same viewing experience. You can also stream through the app using 3G/4G - something you cannot do with Virgin TV.

The awards don't lie either, their smart TV box and TV content won awards in 2017. It is not just the company itself, but also there are many award winning TV shows that are shown on Sky, the variety and choice of packages really are second to none.

It is easy to switch your broadband to Sky, and it easy to see why so many people choose to. Sky have a dedicated team to helping your transition from your previous provider to Sky run as smoothly as possible. They will even converse with you old provider if they are one of the major broadband providers and take care of proceedings for you, leaving you to enjoy a smooth process. You will only be without broadband for a few minutes in most circumstances and if you wish to you can even keep your old telephone number. From the day of ordering, it will typically take around 2 weeks for your switch to be fully implemented

Broadband companies have typically received a bad reputation over the years with customer service being one of the sore spots for many. Sky has managed to turn this around and are now considered one of the best in broadband customer service. Out of the major broadband providers, Sky received the fewest amount of complaints in Ofcoms most recent survey. Broadband Genie even gave Sky the best Bundled Provider Award in 2016.

Sky are arguably the biggest name in the paid TV industry and have a very high reputation in the broadband market and it is clear to see why, the technology and variety they offer is hard to beat, and if you can't beat them - join them!

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