Internet TV Providers


The future of television lies in watching online – NOW TV is offering this brilliant service to its customers at the moment. This is a new and terrific way of watching sport and films, allowing users to enjoy programming by streaming it online – this means that it can be done on a variety of devices, such as laptops, phones and tablets. This service is provided by Sky, so you immediately know that it is a well-designed and good value service packed with all of the best current entertainment and updated regularly.

You can enjoy NOW TV on any web browser, as well as being able to download apps to your iOS and Android devices so you can watch whilst on the move or when you are in bed. It can also be enjoyed on set-top boxes and games consoles, making it simple enough to enjoy on your television too. NOW TV is packed with a huge selection of Sky Movies, including brand new films as well as all time classics and a huge range of films of different genres too. On top of all these terrific films readily available to you, NOW TV also boasts live sporting action from around the world, so you can keep up with what’s happening wherever you are. All you need to enjoy all this great entertainment is a broadband or 3G connection – you can also get day passes meaning you don’t have to commit to lengthy subscriptions.

This is a brilliant new way of being able to enjoy Sky Sports and Sky Movies, so if you want to be able to stream fantastic entertainment on your laptop or other device then make sure you check out NOW TV today, powered by Sky.


Netflix is a brilliant and exciting way to enjoy TV and films through streaming programmes online rather than watching them on television. This means that you can enjoy programming on your laptop or install apps on your tablet or phone and watch it whilst on the move or when you’re in bed. You can even hook Netflix up to your games console so that it can be watched on television if you wish to watch it there. Netflix is a very affordable service which you pay for each month, with no long-term commitments necessary. The service contains a staggering amount of TV and films for you to choose from, which means that you should always be able to find something to watch.

The service includes thousands of films and entire series of shows to watch. It is easy to navigate through them all or search for something a little bit more specific (for instance, you can type in film names or actors and directors) if you know what you want to watch – don’t discount the browsing option, though, as you might discover a film that becomes your new favourite. The huge amount of entertainment readily available at your fingertips, as well as the number of different platforms you can watch them on, makes for a very impressive service from Netflix. Streaming entertainment online is certainly the future (and is increasingly becoming the present) of enjoying television, and Netflix is one of the companies at the forefront of this televisual revolution.

Sign up to Netflix today and see for yourself just what an amazing service it is – you won’t be disappointed with the options on offer!


As its name suggests, LOVEFiLM is a service aimed at anyone who loves film and television: an innovative and excellent way for customers to enjoy entertainment. This is an Amazon-run company which has far exceeded anyone’s expectations to become the leading European film subscription service with over two million users in Europe. LOVEFiLM has built its reputation on the vast array of films and television series’ it offers its customers as well as the fact that streaming and postage rental of the options are available.

You can enjoy films and TV online via the LOVEFiLM player which you can get on your TV and PC – it couldn’t be simpler to use and there is no software to download. As well as this, the service also offers unlimited DVD rental each month, where you can order films to be delivered to you along with a pre-addressed envelope which you then post back to them when you’ve watched it. This method is great for those who like to able to watch all the special features and bonuses that you’d get with discs but not with streaming. You will be amazed at the staggering amount of entertainment that is available to you with LOVEFiLM – it boasts over 70,000 titles for you to choose from, from the latest blockbusters, to all-time classics amongst a huge range from different genres. If you’re a gamer, you’re catered for as well, as the company has recently started offering games for rental as well.

This huge level of innovation is what separates LOVEFiLM from the competition – all of its customers regularly use both different methods, demonstrating that people still enjoy watching DVDs as well as streaming entertainment online.


Blinkbox is a service which is part of Tesco and has taken everything that people like about other recent streaming entertainment services and improved on it. Instead of having to be tied down to a subscription in which you pay each month, with Blinkbox you simply pay for what you want to watch. You can also rent or purchase titles, giving you a more than generous 30 days to watch it – in addition, you can purchase it and keep it forever. You can also watch Blinkbox on a variety of platforms, including on your Xbox 360, iPad, Smart TV, PC or Mac or on your TV if you can get it connected to your computer.

This is a great way to enjoy films and TV without having to worry about paying a certain amount each month – this way you do not feel pressured into getting the most for your money as you simply pay for what you want. The service boasts all of the latest films from independent fare to box-office blockbusters, as well as a great range of movies across a range of genres, from horror and comedy to romance, dramas and thrillers as well as the classics that we know and love. There are also television programmes that are available to you, including comedy, documentaries, drama, kids’ shows, sport and much more. The ranges of entertainment available are regularly updated so that you should never run out of things to watch.

Blinkbox essentially allows you to rent and purchase films like you can from a store, but you can do it from the comfort of your home whenever you like – who wouldn’t want to get on board with that?