Internet TV Providers


The future of television lies in watching online – NOW TV is offering this brilliant service to its customers at the moment. This is a new and terrific way of watching sport and films, allowing users to enjoy programming by streaming it online – this means that it can be done on a variety of devices, such as laptops, phones and tablets. This service is provided by Sky, so you immediately know that it is a well-designed and good value service packed with all of the best current entertainment and updated regularly.

You can enjoy NOW TV on any web browser, as well as being able to download apps to your iOS and Android devices so you can watch whilst on the move or when you are in bed. It can also be enjoyed on set-top boxes and games consoles, making it simple enough to enjoy on your television too. NOW TV is packed with a huge selection of Sky Movies, including brand new films as well as all time classics and a huge range of films of different genres too. On top of all these terrific films readily available to you, NOW TV also boasts live sporting action from around the world, so you can keep up with what’s happening wherever you are. All you need to enjoy all this great entertainment is a broadband or 3G connection – you can also get day passes meaning you don’t have to commit to lengthy subscriptions.

This is a brilliant new way of being able to enjoy Sky Sports and Sky Movies, so if you want to be able to stream fantastic entertainment on your laptop or other device then make sure you check out NOW TV today, powered by Sky.


Blinkbox is a service which is part of Tesco and has taken everything that people like about other recent streaming entertainment services and improved on it. Instead of having to be tied down to a subscription in which you pay each month, with Blinkbox you simply pay for what you want to watch. You can also rent or purchase titles, giving you a more than generous 30 days to watch it – in addition, you can purchase it and keep it forever. You can also watch Blinkbox on a variety of platforms, including on your Xbox 360, iPad, Smart TV, PC or Mac or on your TV if you can get it connected to your computer.

This is a great way to enjoy films and TV without having to worry about paying a certain amount each month – this way you do not feel pressured into getting the most for your money as you simply pay for what you want. The service boasts all of the latest films from independent fare to box-office blockbusters, as well as a great range of movies across a range of genres, from horror and comedy to romance, dramas and thrillers as well as the classics that we know and love. There are also television programmes that are available to you, including comedy, documentaries, drama, kids’ shows, sport and much more. The ranges of entertainment available are regularly updated so that you should never run out of things to watch.

Blinkbox essentially allows you to rent and purchase films like you can from a store, but you can do it from the comfort of your home whenever you like – who wouldn’t want to get on board with that?

TV Player

In the past, when abroad or away from your house, it could be difficult to watch your favourite shows. That was then, but now thanks to services such as internet TV provider ‘’TV Player’’ there is no reason why you can't watch what you want, from where you want.

When looking for TV on the internet there are a few options that offer limited channels, and some that cost a lot to use. The good thing about TV player is that it's simple to use. You need no set up box, and there is no installation meaning you do not have to wait around for an engineer to come to your house whilst you take precious time off work. You can start watching in a matter of minutes from your computer, tablet, smartphone or even your TV.

Another benefit is the fact that there is no contract, when you do not wish to use the services you can cancel, no long subscription means you are not tied into any service beyond when you would like to use it

One of the surprisingly good reasons to enjoy TV player is the nature channels, with access to National Geographic, National Geographic Wild and the Discovery channel it really has a lot to offer for those who enjoy nature documentaries.

To prove that it really does have something for all the family, the array of children's TV that is available is also impressive, with popular channels such as Cartoon Network Boomerang and the BBC children's TV channels such as CBeebies and CBBC you children will never be bored no matter where you are.


Sometimes referred to as a video on demand (VOD) service, this live streaming company is one of the biggest in the industry. For this to be true, it has to be on its toes to keep up with the competition and it does. With a list of illustrious names within its catalogue such as Warner . Bros, 20th Century Fox and Disney, it rivals some of the premium names in the market for quality.

It has a variety to movies, and TV series available to watch, some of them as part of their subscription service, but some are available to rent as well as purchase. Some of the best independent cinema is available as well as some of the latest releases.

Keeping in line with some of the activities of modern providers, Rakuten is planning on producing and releasing its own movies meaning it will go up against Netflix and Amazon who have already found success in this area. It has been reported that this will not be at the detriment of the Hollywood made movies that the service offers.


Are you a film fanatic? Well, if you answered with a yes to that question then you may just want to become a member of Amazon’s Prime Video membership. What this membership allows you to do is it allows you to watch hundreds if not thousands of films and television shows online at no extra cost.

If you want to be a member of Amazon Prime, you have a whole range of different memberships that you can choose from. For example, you can just be an ordinary paid Amazon Prime member, or you can be a trial member. For example, anyone can be a Prime trial member for thirty days, but if you are a student, you can have up to six months of a trial membership. The final way that you can get a membership is that if you are a part of a shared Amazon household account and one member of that household account is an adult you are entitled to Amazon Prime.

To conclude, this service is excellent if you are looking for a film or television series to binge watch. I should also include that it is very easy to find any movie or television show on the Prime platform. All you need to do is go into the Amazon menu and click on the video option and then you just have to select Prime Video. Once you choose Prime Video, all you have to do is click on the search bar and type in the Prime title that you want to view, and then you can select the film or television show so you can watch it. Overall, Amazon Prime Video is a great platform if you want to watch new releases of both television and film. Popular titles of this subscription include The Hunger Games and Terminator, and if those titles don’t persuade you to become a member, I don’t know what will.

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