Sky Original Bundle

Sky Original Bundle Deals & Offers

Sky Original Bundle £20 a month*

Sky Box Sets Bundle

  • Over 270 channels
  • Free Sky Q 1TB Box
  • Catch Up TV
  • Sky Sports Mix
  • Exclusive Sky Atlantic
Sky Original & Broadband Unlimited £38 a month*

Sky Box Sets Bundle & Broadband

  • Over 270 channels
  • Line Rental & Talk included
  • Free Sky Q 1TB Box
  • Exclusive Sky Atlantic
  • Totally unlimited Broadband
  • New Sky Q Hub & Shield
Sky Original & Fibre £40/m for 18 months*

Sky Box Sets Bundle & Broadband Unlimited

  • 25GB Monthly Usage
  • Free Sky Q 1TB Box
  • Over 270 Channels
  • New Sky Q Hub & Shield
  • Sky Talk & Line Rental included
  • Catch Up TV
Sky Origianl & Sports £38/m for 18 months*

Sky Box Sets Bundle Upgrade

  • Pay only for sports you love
  • Over 270 channels
  • 5 new Sports Channels to choose from
  • Unrivalled coverage. Unrivalled choice.
  • Free Sky Q 1TB Box

Great Value Sky TV & Broadband Bundles & Offers

  • Sky TV
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  • Sky Broadband
    Totally Unlimited, Reliable Broadband packages with Calls, Line Rental & TV Check Deals
  • Sky Cinema
    Enjoy a new premiere every day, movie collections and over 1,000 movies on demand. Check Deals
  • Sky Existing Customers
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  • Sky Boxes
    New Sky Q – next generation box. Watch Sky TV all around the home. Check Deals

Sky Original Bundle Features

  • Over 270channels
  • 240free-to-air channels
  • Sky Atlantic
  • Catch Up TV
  • Sky Sports Mix
  • Sky Q App
  • Live TV & on demand TV
  • Sky Go

Sky Original Bundle

You can't beat an original, and the same goes for Sky's original bundle. A favorite for many this cost effective way of getting all the benefits that Sky has to offer as well as a good selection of channels.

This is a good way of getting not only the incredible Sky Q box and all its benefits but a great deal of channels into your home. Installation couldn't be easier and Sky have made it as hassle free as possible, you will even get a dedicated engineer to come over and install and take you personally through some of the great things your new TV system is capable of.

The bundle itself has some great channels included, it includes Sky Atlantic - the only way you can watch the coveted Game of Thrones series, as well as Sky 1 & 2 and Sky Sports Mix and many many more.

You will find it easy to use the Sky Q box and you will also be able to record an episode or even an entire series by the click of a button, it couldn't be simpler. Fans of sports or movies may be interested in including it with another bundle or package as the selection for these on the original bundle is limited, but that isn't what it is supposed to offer.

Although it doesn't have the 56 HD channels the box sets bundle has it does have 11 including BBC 1 to , ITV1 HD and more. But with over 315 channels this does make the bundle an attractive purchase for the 18 months contract.

The good thing about it as well is Sky is customisable, so you can add on extras on top of the package you currently have. So fans of Sky Sports or movies can include these packages or add at any time.

The sky bundles only include TV, but you can combine it with a broadband or telephone offer and have access to great discounts and enjoy the super fast fibre broadband if it is available in your area.

The Sky Go app is also included meaning you can watch your TV live and on the go. Never miss out on your favourite program live again as you watch it with your 3/4G connection. You can even download many of the programs to watch offline on your mobile, this is especially useful if you want to watch on your commute on on a plane journey. Maybe the younger viewers in the house could use it to keep the fuss on a long journey to a minimum.

If you are looking for more HD channels then the Sky Box set may be more to your liking, it has all of the channels the Original bundle has to offer as well as 300 box sets and over 50 HD channels to choose from.

Most people considering this package are looking for a good way to get into Sky, and who could blame them, you also get a Sky Q box with this bundle meaning you can record over 180 hours of TV as well as record 4 programs at the same time! Meaning no one should have to miss out in your house again!

The Sky Q box also means you will never lose your remote. Just press the Q on the box and your remote will let off a siren telling the user where it is - brilliant!

You get 35 channels that are not on freeview so if you like your TV but aren't desperate to get everything Sky has to offer this is a good package. If having some of the extras and added features that a sky Q box and the Sky Go app offer are important then this is a sensible choice.

With all of the freeview channels and a bit extra, this has plenty enough for a lot of household, maybe being able to watch TV on the move through the Sky Go app is appealing enough or maybe just being able to record 4 things at once is important.

For many the being able to record or pause and rewind live TV is an important part of their viewing experience, if this is you then you will find that the Sky original bundle has a lot of what you are looking for.

*£20 Sky Q 1TB box Install Fee.

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