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Sky Entertainment & Kids £25 a month*

Sky Box Sets Bundle

  • Over 270 Entertainment Channels
  • Free Sky Q 1TB Box
  • New Kids pack
  • More than 10 live Kids channels
  • Exclusive Sky Atlantic
Sky Entertainment, Kids & Broadband Unlimited £45 a month*

Sky Box Sets Bundle & Broadband

  • Over 270 Entertainment Channels
  • Line Rental & Talk included
  • Free Sky Q 1TB Box
  • More than 10 live Kids channels
  • Totally unlimited Broadband
  • New Sky Q Hub & Shield
Sky Entertainment, Kids & Sports £43/m for 18 months*

Sky Box Sets Bundle & Broadband Unlimited

  • Pay for only the Sports you love
  • Free Sky Q 1TB Box
  • More than 10 live Kids channels
  • Watch 126 live matches this season
  • Choose from 5 new Sports Channels
  • Exclusive Sky Atlantic
Sky Kids Upgrade Recontract Sky TV

Sky Box Sets Bundle Upgrade

  • Sky Q & Sky Kids App
  • Over 270 Entertainment Channels
  • More than 10 live Kids channels
  • New Kids pack
  • From £25 a month

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Sky Kids Features

  • Over 300channels
  • 240free-to-air channels
  • Sky Atlantic
  • Catch Up TV
  • Sky Kids TV
  • Sky Q & Kids App
  • Over 4500Kids Episodes
  • Sky Go

Sky Kids

Whether you are sat at home in the cold and the novelty of the snow has worn off, or you just want to try and keep the kids entertained whilst they are off from school - Sky have got you covered.

If the kids are enjoying a bit of a break then you will probably looking to fill a bit of time for them are get them to sit still for a little while! This gives you a much needed break whilst leaving your kids feeling happy.

Well, Sky have made it an even better experience than ever for your children and have included some incredible value for you.

The New Sky Kids package has over 10 live channels. It doesn't stop there, this also includes the Sky Kids app at no extra cost. This alone has over 4,500 episodes available, all on demand. You never need to wait for a favourite program to come on again and don't have to endure the ads, instead watch back to back entertainment.

This also mean they can do so from the comfort of their own room, leaving your TV free for you to enjoy some of the other great services that Sky has to offer.

The app also has a wealth of games, so if you want to ensure your kids’ minds are being a bit more creative then you can. Want them to have a bit of fun? Then there is also music on the app for them to sing along to as well as new content updated every month.

The value for money is amongst the best that we have seen out of any package, and it is nice to see that it is the kids that benefit.

This can even be added to Sky Entertainment, the brand new customisable package that allows you to pick and choose your favourite packages and add them on for incredible value. Customising your preferences has never been more convenient and Sky Kids is just one part of the amazing feature.

The 10 kids’ channels you get include the best around, Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel and Cartoon Network are just some of the ones available.

Some of the top shows include PawPatrol on Nick Jr so younger audiences will be catered for. There is also Vampirina and Jessie so kids of all ages will have some of their favourites to view.

The games are fun and can be stored and downloaded onto the app, meaning you can play them on the go. There is a great deal to choose from and some are even educational, with creative games that really challenge them available as well.

There are even parental controls available, meaning you can go further when thinking of the safety of your children, You can limit the amount of time that they are allowed to use the app and even set it to sleep at a time of your choosing.

This, on top of the fact that you can include age filters means you kids should only watch things that you feel comfortable with.

All this on the Sky Q box, which is the most advanced of its kind. You can record and watch more channels and shows at the same time than ever before and with Sky Q multiscreen, you can watch on more TVs than ever before - so with all the extra kids channels, you don't have to miss out on your favourite TV.

Sky Q even has voice control so you can search for your saved movies and TV and even ask your Sky Q box to skip to a certain minute of what you are watching.

With so much choice and technology available, the kids will never been bored again.

*Some Prices will increase from 1st April 2018, £20 Sky Q 1TB box Install Fee.

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