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Sky Broadband Unlimited

When looking for great quality broadband you should look no further than Sky. With some of the best operating broadband packages on the market, you could find that the best deal and quality is available to you.
The great thing about any Sky broadband package is the fact that all their packages come with unlimited use! That’s right, the strength and performance of your broadband will not waiver at certain times of the month and you will find that you get to same incredible speeds throughout.

A lot of the competition still cap some of their packages and for any household that likes to download or stream content you will find that an unlimited package is best suited to you. The same goes for any home that has a lot of people in it, maybe you have children who like to play games that require a lot of bandwidth and maybe whilst the adults are watching TV the children like to stream from their tablet or mobile - no more worrying about this affecting your allowance.

The great thing about the broadband packages is if you are switching from another provider, Sky will make life easier for you. If you are switching from one of the UK's main broadband providers then Sky will deal with them directly to ensure a smooth transition. You will find that the dedicated representative will do all of the back and forth that can be tiresome and take up a lot of your free time.

On top of this many people find that during the switchover they are only without internet for a matter of minutes. No need to be disconnected for hours and even days which would be inconvenient to any modern household.

The 12 month minimum contract is standard and you can combine broadband with talk. This gives you the opportunity to keep your old phone number and chose from a variety of deals including the deal that is most suited to your usage, so evening or weekend calls, even packages tailored towards international users are available.

Sometimes with talk you don't even need an engineer from sky to install, it can be as easy as ordering online to receive the great service they offer.

Broadband Unlimited is Sky’s way of offering customers the best package possible. Line rental is included and it is one of the most reliable networks around.

IT is a multi-award winning broadband, winning best broadband provider as well as best customer service at the Switcher Broadband Awards 2017.

The Sky hub you receive is one of the smartest around. It even goes into low power mode when it is not being used, meaning that when you are sleeping or out, you are actually saving money. All instructions are on the side of the box and it has an extensive coverage range ensuring you get the best signal from your box.

You can keep you children safe online as well using Internet Matters who Sky recommend and have links to from their website.

Back to the Sky talk service and you will get inclusive landline calls as part of many of the packages. There is also the opportunity to use Sky Talk anytime, meaning you can chat late at night or any time in the day. There is also the voicemail and display of each caller if your landline is compatible with this. You can also withhold your number at anytime.

Worried about keeping your emails from your previous provider? No need to worry, Sky’s switch squad will also handle this, keep your existing email address as well as your phone number, let the switch squad take the stress out of changing your broadband and talk provider.

There has never been a better time to take advantage of these service, Sky has invested a lot of money into bringing their equipment into the modern age which is why the super smart Sky Hub is such a good addition to any home. Combine this with the unlimited broadband and you really have the best that is available on the market right now. There is always more to come from Sky so you can expect the future to be even brighter.

Sky Fibre Optic Broadband

So Sky broadband is available in your area and you are wondering why everyone is talking about Fibre Optic from Sky, can it really be as good and as fast as everyone is saying? Let's have a look at the benefits that you could be enjoying by switching to Sky. Firstly, it has never been easier to switch your broadband provider over to Sky. You barely have to lift a finger. If you are currently with one of the UK's bigger broadband providers, then Sky Switch squad will take away a lot of the pain by dealing with them directly and assuring a smooth transition. You can even keep your current phone number and email address if you like. These are the small details that make life a lot easier for those that are looking to switch.

Another thing that is reassuring is that Sky say you should only be without internet for a matter of minutes. This is great news for anyone that uses the internet regularly and something quite rare.
Arguably the best thing about Sky broadband is that is completely unlimited. Whichever package you choose you can be assured the same quality no matter how often you use the service. So if your household stream a lot, or download multiple times a day, you can be safe in the knowledge that it will not affect the performance of your internet. Expect the same signal strength as well as download speed no matter how great your usage.

This is good for households that have regular users, or if you run your own business/ work from home. Sky was one of the first providers in the UK to offer unlimited broadband.

Sky talk can be combined with broadband which means you get to take advantage of some of the most reasonably priced calls as well as packages that involve international calls to some of the worlds major destinations.

Sky Fibre optic unlimited is the super fast and completely unlimited broadband offering from Sky. This is the best package for a household that has multiple people who are often online at the same time. So if you have teengers who are constantly slowing down your internet speed then this is a great family package.

This will remain super fast even at the top peak times of the day, if you are looking for reliable internet then Sky Fibre unlimited is the best way of ensuring a constant high speed.

Stream, watch and download as much as you like as this package is unlimited. There are a few providers now offering unlimited internet, it is starting to become a must for any household and Sky are amongst the best for this.

UK average download speeds are around 34mbps with Sky fibre although Sky Fibre max guarantees minimum download speeds of 55mb in some areas. With superfast speed of up to 100mb depending on your area. This means that for 55mb averages you can download a movie of around 1000mb in size from the on demand section of Sky in just approximately 3.3 minutes.

The Sky hub box is what powers all of this incredible speed. The intuitive box is Sky fastest ever router and allows up to an incredible 64 devices to be connected all at once! This box is also good for you electricity bills - it senses when you are not using it and goes into low power mode, meaning you are using less energy.

If you are using a wireless capable device then you will benefit from the 3x faster wireless speeds than ever before.

To connect to your Sky Q hub just follow the instructions online in order to get quick access. The clear instructions will mean you are suing the super fast service in super fast time.

There has never been better broadband available, as well as broadband speeds. For the most intuitive equipment and one of the best customer services around, Sky really have thought of it all. The speeds of the broadband combined with the fact that the packages are all offering unlimited broadband means that whatever your intended use, Sky has a service that you will find hard to beat.

Sky Talk

If you are looking for a broadband package that includes calls, then Sky have made themselves one of the best providers out there. With the modern and most up to date equipment available in your home now with Sky it really is an unbeatable service. On top of this they have made it super easy to switch to them.
In the past you would find it takes a long time and a lot of back and forth to switch internet providers. You could even find yourself being without internet for days, maybe even weeks depending on your experience.

These days are surely in the past, well they are for sure with Sky. Switching to Sky has never been easier, Sky have even taken the pain away for you by offering the Sky Switch team to work on your behalf. If you are currently with one of the UK's major broadband providers, the Sky switch team will deal with them directly to ensure a smooth and hassle free process.

You will also find that you will be without internet for only a matter of minutes. With Sky talk you can even keep your old phone number and email address to minimise disruption.

With award winning UK based customer support you will find that a high level of customer service is given in someone who knows exactly what you are trying to resolve. In the past broadband providers have had a bad reputation when it comes to this but Sky have put a lot of effort into turning this trend around, to your benefit.

Sky talk allows users to choose a package and tailor it to their usage. So if you are looking for international calls, or evening specific packages then Sky Talk has something for you. Combine this with broadband and you can create a package that is unique to your requirements.

Sky Talk freetime means you don't pay anything except for the calls you make. Line rental however is not included so you will need to consider this. Call rates to Sky customer service are included and there are very competitive prices for landline and mobile calls within the UK.

Sky talk anytime gives customers a little more for a monthly fee. Landline calls are all included and there are 20 destinations where international calls are included, ideal for speaking to your family abroad.

Sky are able to install a new phone line if you don't already have one, and installation can be as simple as just a phone call if your current phone line is useable.

Some of the great features available through a Sky Talk package include the call answering feature, this means callers can leave a message if you aren't able to answer or are on another call. You can also get caller display if your homeline phone is compatible with this service, great to see if you really want to answer to who is calling. You also don't have to show your number when dialing out, through your request Sky can prevent others from seeing your number when you make a call.

One of the great elements of Sky broadband is the Sky hub. The most powerful and intuitive router that Sky has ever produced. It is not only super fast and allows your incredible broadband speeds to reach further throughout your home. But, it also has a lower power mode, it senses when it is not needed and uses less power, great news for your power bills.

Broadband and talk is a great way of getting the best equipment and service that is available on the market right now. The incredible speeds and reliability of the broadband combined with the performance of the Sky hub box means the broadband in your home will be one of the best countrywide. On top of this the Sky Talk packages are some of the most flexible and competitive that you can find, with international calls and caller display available, there are some very neat features included for the regular landline user.

Switching to Sky could not be simpler with the Sky Switch team, meaning there has never been a better time to be part of the best and most reliable broadband around.

*Some Prices will increase from 1st April 2018, £20 Sky Q 1TB box Install Fee.

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