Sky Customer Offers – Exciting Deals for Existing Sky Customers

Sky Sports Upgrade

Save over 25% a month

  • All 8 Sky Sports Channels
  • Over 50 live games this Christmas
  • Premier League, football, F1®
  • Unrivalled coverage
  • Unrivalled choice
  • Fast & Easy Sports Upgrade

£20 a month

Sky Cinema Upgrade

Saving over 40% a month

  • A new premiere every day
  • More of the year’s biggest box office hits
  • Over 1,000 movies on demand
  • HD as standard at no extra cost*

£10 extra a month

Sky Q Multiscreen Upgrade

Sky Q App included

  • Watch different Sky TV channels in different rooms, at the same time
  • Watch what you want, where you want
  • Sky Q Box
  • £40 Standard Setup

£12 a month

Sky Box Sets

Upgrade and Save

  • Catch Up TV
  • 350+ Box Sets on Demand
  • New Shows & Seasons every week
  • Over 350 UK and US series on demand

From £25 a month

Sky Broadband Unlimited

Totally Unlimited Usage

  • Number 1 for customer service
  • Cheapest line rental
  • Easy switching
  • Unlimited Sky WiFi at no extra cost
  • 12 month contract
  • UK average download speeds of 9Mb

£20/m. Line rental and Sky Talk included + £9.95 set-up fee

Sky Fibre Unlimited

UK's lowest priced fibre

  • Number 1 for customer service
  • Cheapest line rental
  • Easy switching
  • Unlimited Sky WiFi at no extra cost
  • 18 month contract
  • UK average download speeds of 34Mb
  • Save £170

From £30/m. Line rental and Sky Talk included + £9.95 set-up fee

Sky Fibre Upgrade

Save £132

  • Number 1 for customer service
  • Cheapest line rental
  • UK average download speeds of 34Mb
  • 18 month contract
  • 25GB monthly usage
  • Unlimited Sky WiFi at no extra cost
  • UK average download speeds of 34Mb

From £21/m. Line rental and Sky Talk included + £9.95 set-up fee

Sky Fibre Max

Our fastest fibre broadband

  • Number 1 for customer service
  • Cheapest line rental
  • Totally unlimited usage
  • Unlimited Sky WiFi at no extra cost
  • 18 month contract
  • UK average download speeds of 60Mb
  • Save £170

From £35/m. Line rental and Sky Talk included + £9.95 set-up fee

Great Value Sky TV & Broadband Bundles & Offers
  • Sky TV
    Great Value Entertainment, Blockbuster Movies, Sports & much more…. Check Deals
  • Sky Broadband
    Totally Unlimited, Reliable Broadband packages with Calls, Line Rental & TV Check Deals
  • Sky Sports
    Only pay for the sports you love. Pick and choose from 5 new channels. Check Deals
  • Sky Cinema
    Over 1000 Movies on demand, a new premiere every day. Check Deals
  • Sky Boxes
    New Sky Q – next generation box. Watch Sky TV all around the home. Check Deals
More on Sky Upgrades

Superfast Sky Fibre

There are a lot of broadband providers offering what appears to be very similar products. If you are a Sky customer and do not already have the superfast Sky Fibre broadband then you might find some of the incredible benefits as a surprise. With average UK download speeds of up to 100mbps and unlimited downloads, Sky's Fibre broadband has a lot to offer a busy household, or anyone who relies on the internet for their business.

If you are not with Sky for broadband, switching couldn't be simpler, if you are using one of the main providers in the UK then Sky will take over the process and communicate with your provider to ensure a smooth transition. The intelligent Sky hub router is Sky’s fastest ever, and even has a low energy using mode for when you are not using the internet - so it even saves you money on bills. To get online just follow the instructions on the back of the hub to get going. Just check to see if Sky Fibre is available in your area and you can enjoy the reliability of the router, unlimited downloads and some of the fastest speeds in the UK - all reasons why you should be choosing Sky Fibre today.

Sky Cinema

If you are enjoying the amazing TV that Sky offers but do not have the Sky Cinema package, then you might not know the extent of the incredible benefits of upgrading your current subscription.

First of all there is a new premiere on Sky Cinema, every single day! That’s right Sky Cinema has a new and exclusive movie for subscribers every day of the year. These can range from some of the year’s biggest blockbuster movies such as the Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Sky Cinema has 11 HD channels including Sky Cinema Classics, Sky Cinema Disney and Sky Cinema Premiere. There are also over 1000 movies on demand - that’s a huge amount of viewing and there is everything from kid’s movies to all of your favourite classics.

With the Sky Go app you can also watch your favourite movies wherever you are in the UK - just open up the app on your mobile or tablet to enjoy the same great selection.

Some of the biggest films are made available 8 months after cinema release and well over 12 months before other subscription TV companies making Sky Cinema the place to watch movies. If you are looking for independent films, big blockbusters, comedy or children’s films, the best selection is on Sky Cinema.

Sky Fibre Unlimited

If you are currently using some of the great Sky products available, you really want to make sure you are aware of the benefits of what upgrading might mean to you. In the case of broadband the benefits are clear - Sky's Fibre Unlimited has an incredible unlimited usage allowance - that means that your internet speed and quality is not determined by the amount of usage from within your household and is the same high quality constantly. And the quality is there to be experienced - up to 100mbps download speeds - perfect for anyone who requires fast internet throughout their house.

With UK based support it means your questions can be answered by an understanding and knowledgeable representative to assist you throughout the transitional period of switching providers. Combine this with the 12 month contract and you also get incredible award winning customer service - something that in the past has been a problem with many broadband customers.

Switching to Sky could not be easier, with a dedicated switch team who will even converse with your current provider if they are one of the bigger companies in the UK, they make it as easy as possible to give you peace of mind. You should only be offline for what is usually under an hour.

Sky Broadband Unlimited

For customers of Sky who wish to switch their broadband provider, you can be assured that Sky Broadband Unlimited is one of the most competitive and reliable on the market.

Not only does Sky make switching as stress free as possible - they have a dedicated team who will deal with your current provider if you are using one of the UKs main broadband providers. This team will converse with them throughout so you don’t have to, and the average time you will be without internet is under an hour!

Sky Broadband unlimited is exactly what it says it is - unlimited! This means that no matter how much broadband you use, you will experience the same great service throughout the month. The quality of your connection and the speed will not be compromised by your usage.

Sky broadband unlimited allows customers to experience download speeds of up to 24mb, and as standard with their broadband packages, line rental is included. This is all powered by Sky's greatest router the Sky Hub which not only has a low power mode for when you are not using it which saves you money on your bills and is good for the environment but it is Sky’s fastest ever router. So many reasons to use Sky for your broadband provider

Sky Sports

If you are using Sky and are thinking of upgrading your package, then Sky Sports gives customers more reasons than ever to watch, if you value the experience of being put right at the forefront of all the latest sporting news and action then there is no better place to view your favourite sporting events.

With the new look Sky Sports, customers can watch 10 incredible channels, some that are dedicated to your favourite sports. With channels such as Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Golf and Sky Sports Cricket you will find dedicated footage and programs to your favourites.

As if this wasn't enough there are 159 Premier League games to watch this season across Monday and Friday nights as well as some of the great weekend match ups.

Worried about missing the big game? Now you can watch Sky Sports from wherever you are thanks to the Sky Sports app with features only available to Sky Sports subscribers including the timeline that you can customise.

With so much choice and exclusive footage, Sky Sports is a must for any sports fan, you will get closer to the action than anywhere else and with so much choice of viewing it really cannot be beaten.

Box Sets Bundle

Part of the great customer service that Sky offers is the dedication to new and incredible packages. One of the latest packages that you can upgrade to today is the Sky Box

Sets Bundle. This incredible package that can be upgraded form your original bundle is home to over 350 different box sets as well as a whole host of exclusive shows you cannot watch anywhere else.

You never have to wait another week for the next episode, all seasons of some of your favourite shows are available, including Game of Thrones, Westworld, Ray Donovan and many more. You also get to enjoy the incredible HD picture quality across 65 different channels - this means over five times the regular picture quality.

Your box sets are all categorised making it easier than ever to find the new series in your life. Couple this with a search function that allows you to find series based on actors. This spans across some of Sky's best channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky 1 HD, Fox and many more.

For those looking to upgrade, if you love watching back to back series, with no adverts or interruptions then the Sky Box sets bundle is the right fit for you - and upgrading couldn't be easier, try it for yourself today.

Sky Q Multiscreen

Upgrading with Sky is more than just a TV bundle or broadband choice, you can now upgrade to Sky Q multiscreen, allowing you the chance to watch your favourite shows without being confined to one room.

The incredible features of Sky Q multiscreen include the ability to pause in one room, then unpause and continue in another - so if it's getting late and you want to finish off the program you're watching upstairs, this is now possible.

You can watch different Sky channels in various rooms meaning that no one in the household needs o compromise, you can also have up to 4 Sky+ HD boxes running or up to 8 Sky multiscreen boxes. Get access to your main box via Sky Q multiscreen boxes, these not only allow you to view the incredible catalogue of programs available, but the boxes also act as a broadband booster if you are using Sky as your provider. This pushes the broadband around your house to improve the strength of signal - just one of the many innovations that Sky gives their customers year on year.

If you are tired of only being able to watch Sky in one room, or having to compromise on what to watch in your household then Sky Q Multiscreen might just be the answer you have been looking for.

Sky Sports in Stunning HD

When watching sports, you don't always have to leave your house to watch it in a bar, sometimes the comfort of your own home is the best place you can watch the big game. But what about the picture quality? A lot of public places have great equipment and big screens. Well thanks to the modern standard of TVs as well as the great packages that Sky offers its customers - you can now watch all Sky Sports channels in stunning HD.

Never miss a minute of the action with the access to Sky Sports through the app - you can even customise your timeline to suit your preferences, making the experience not just the viewing, but with keeping up to date. See all the goals and all the action before anyone else, all in stunning HD.

That’s right, all of the 10 new Sky Sports channels included those dedicated to your favourite Sports such as Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf and Sky Sports Premier League are all available to watch in HD - 5 times the quality and enhancing your viewing please immeasurably. Get closer to the game with over 159 live Premier League matches throughout the season. Watch the action live when it is available nowhere else, in the best possible quality from your own home - it doesn't get much better than that!

Register for Sky Go

When upgrading your packages, you want to make sure that you are taking advantages of all of the amazing services available to Sky TV customers. One of the best features available to you is Sky Go. If you are not already using this, you will want to register for Sky Go to use some of the incredible features.

At no extra cost you can watch Sky from wherever you are. This gives anyone a reason to upgrade their packages if they were hesitant because they were unsure when they could view the programs they wanted. Never miss a second of a match because you are out of your house thanks to Sky Go. Install the app onto your mobile or tablet, or login in on your desktop or laptop to enjoy the full benefits of your TV subscription.

You can also use Sky Go to record onto your box whilst you are out - no more missing the show because you forgot to record whilst at home, you basically have full access to your box from wherever you are. If you are a Sky customer, there are many reasons to register for Sky Go, convenience being the biggest one of course!

Sky Go Extra

So you have been using Sky Go for a while. You've taken advantage of being able to watch your Sky TV from anywhere you like, and have even used it to record the show you forgot to record after you left the house, but now you can enjoy even more benefits with Sky Go Extra.

Now thanks to Sky Go extra, Sky TV customers can download great TV onto their PC, mobile or tablet (if compatible), meaning you can now save a program for your morning commute, or even your long flight - anywhere that you might have no signal, or just not wish to use expensive data.

You can register up to 4 devices for this service meaning the family can enjoy the benefits for themselves - maybe making that long car journey easier by allowing the children to download onto their devices. This also means you can use your games console to watch Sky TV, meaning you can view in another room, this includes live streaming of Sky TV, just register your console as one of your compatible devices to enjoy these benefits. You can download great content from Catch up TV ad well as Sky Box Sets, Sky Cinema and Sky Sports, depending on what packages you have,

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