Sky Box Sets Bundle

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Sky Box Sets Bundle £31 a month*

Sky Box Sets Bundle

  • Over 80 channels
  • Free Sky Q 1TB Box
  • TV Box Sets on demand
  • Over 50 HD channels
  • Exclusive Sky Atlantic
Sky Box Sets & Cinema
£41 a month*

Sky Box Sets Bundle & Broadband

  • 350+ Box Sets on Demand
  • Sky Cinema Pack
  • Sky Q Multiscreen
  • Over 50 HD channels
  • 11 Sky Cinema Channels
  • Free Sky Q 1TB Box
Sky Box Sets Bundle
& Broadband Unlimited
£49/m for 12 months*

Sky Box Sets Bundle & Broadband Unlimited

  • Over 50 HD Channels
  • Free Sky Q 1TB Box
  • Totally Unlimited Broadband
  • Sky Talk Weekends
  • 350+ Box Sets on Demand.
  • New Sky Q Hub & Shield
Sky Box Sets Bundle Recontract save £126 over 18 months

Sky Box Sets Bundle Upgrade

  • 350+ Box Sets on Demand
  • over 50 stunning HD channels
  • Sky 3D
  • Recontract and save
  • From £31 a month

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Sky Box Sets Bundle Features

  • Over 80channels
  • 240free-to-air channels
  • Sky+
  • Catch Up TVwith Sky+HD
  • Sky Go
  • TV Box Sets
  • Over 50HD channels
  • Sky 3D

Sky Box Sets Bundle

If you are a fan of TV series, or think you have seen all that some of the other services such as Netflix have to offer and are looking for something new, then the Sky Box sets bundle has something for everyone. More than just drama series (although it has many of the very best of those) this bundle has an option for every taste, and people of every age.

The first thing to say about the box sets bundle is the incredible amount of on demand series there are - you will never have to wait a week for the next episode as all the box sets are available right now. You can even download many of them onto your device or screen and watch on the go. Sky really have thought of everything when it comes to convenience for this bundle.

If you are into documentaries, drama, comedy or action, maybe you have younger viewers then do not worry, this bundle has something for every member of the family, maybe that is why it was once called the family bundle! The Sky Q box makes it easier for the family to watch together.

The flexibility of this bundle is what makes it great, but also, with the exception of the complete bundle there are a great number of HD channels than any of the other available bundles through Sky. On top of the HD channels there are also 3D box sets available so if you are looking for a night in with a difference for the family then why not try get hold of some 3D glasses and have fun. You will need a 3D capable TV to enjoy this service.

With over 300 premium no filler box sets available you will find some of the best that Sky TV has to offer on here such as Game of Thrones, Bones, Mad Men and many more.

With over 75 entertainment channels and 56 HD channels available on top of the 250 free view channels this bundle has so much to offer. Ìt is a great way of getting access to some of Sky's best features such as the On Demand programs and the Sky Go app allowing you to access your channels on your mobile. So now you can watch them from wherever you are!

You can even download many of your favourite box sets and programs onto your mobile allowing you to watch in another room if the TV is being taken over by another member of your household.

The inclusion of a Sky Q box is a good enough reason alone to make this your new choice of TV bundle. The Sky Q box allows you to record up to 4 programs at the same time as well as over 180 hours of television which is a huge amount of viewing for any family. You can even upgrade this package to allow yourself more storage space if required.

The great thing about this bundle is the fact that you can add it to any other bundle or package and create your very own that is tailored to your tastes. So if you wanted to add broadband to it you can, or even Sky Sports and any other bundle, there are often discounts available for combining packages.

Some of the best channels that Sky have to offer are included such as the incredible Sky Atlantic, the popular Sky1 and Sky living channels, as well as the Sky Arts channel for the cultured viewers out there.

The contract is 18 months meaning you can get access to the variety of box sets that the service has to offer as well as the fact that they are updated regularly, there has never been a better time to get into your new favourite.

So if you are looking for a bundle that has hours and hours of on demand entertainment, and something available for all of the family then the Sky box sets bundle is a good choice for you. Your family could be discovering their new favourite series and you can search by actor, genre and director to find exactly what you feel like watching today.

*£20 Sky Q 1TB box Install Fee.

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