Sky Cinema

Sky Cinema Bundles & Offers

Sky Cinema & Entertainment £30/m for 18 months*

Sky Cinema & TV Entertainment

  • Sky Cinema pack with 12 Channels
  • Free Sky Q 1TB Box
  • Sky Entertainment
  • A new premiere every day
  • Movie Collections
  • Over 1,000 movies on demand
Sky Cinema & Fibre £50/m for 18 months*

Sky Cinema in HD

  • Sky Cinema pack with 12 Channels
  • Sky Fibre Broadband
  • 25GB monthy usage
  • A new premiere every day
  • Over 1000 movies on demand
  • New Sky Hub & Broadband Shield
Sky Cinema & Unlimited Broadband £50/m for 18 months*

Sky Cinema & Unlimited Broadband

  • Sky Cinema pack with 12 Channels
  • Free Sky Q 1TB Box
  • Over 90 Entertainment Channels
  • Totally Unlimited Broadband
  • 1000’s of Movies to choose from
  • New Sky Hub & Broadband Shield
Sky Cinema UpgradeSaving over 40% a month

Sky Cinema Upgrade

  • Sky Cinema pack with 12 Channels
  • 1000’s of Movies to choose from
  • HD as standard at no extra cost*

  • A new premiere every day
  • More of the year’s biggest box office hits

  • £10 extra a month

Great Value Sky TV & Broadband Bundles & Offers

  • Sky TV
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  • Sky Broadband
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  • Sky Sports
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  • Sky Existing Customers
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  • Sky Boxes
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Sky Cinema Channels

  • Coming up this month Baywatch
    Showing February
  • Coming up this month Trolls
    Showing November
  • Coming up this month Logas
    Showing February
  • Coming up this month Ghostbusters
    Showing February
  • Coming up this month Jason Bourne
    Showing February
  • Coming up this month Moulin Rouge
    Showing February
  • Coming up this month Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
    Showing February
  • Coming up this month Disney Beauty and the Beast
    Showing February


Sky Cinema

No matter what the demographic of your household is - kids/no kids, big family, living as a couple of man or woman alone, Sky Cinema has enough to keep everyone very happy.

There are an incredible 11 dedicated channels available with this package. From all the latest releases to some of the best all time classics.

A new premiere is available every day! That’s right you will have access to a film being shown on Sky Cinema before it is available anywhere else. Some of the year’s biggest blockbusters have come to this service before they have been available anywhere else including Passengers and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. If you want access to the latest movies first, then Sky Cinema just might be for you.

With a huge amount of on demand movies available, you can do not have to wait to watch some of your favourites. The library of over 1000 on demand films means there is something that the whole family will enjoy, no need to record then wait until tomorrow, get access to these immediately.

Also as part of subscribing to Sky Cinema you will get a free Sky Q box - enough of a reason to subscribe alone! This incredible box allows you to record 4 live programs at the same time and record over 180 hours of TV! Hook up your box to your broadband to get access to all the on demand and catch up TV programs available through your package. Pause rewind and record content meaning you will never need to miss a movie again.

This intelligent box also means you will never lose your remote again. Simply press the Q button on your box to get your remote to let off a siren that you can turn off once you have found the remote!

On top of this you get access to the Sky Go app, meaning you can set your box to record from wherever you are. As well as this you can also watch on the go, as the name suggests! Just connect to wifi to watch all your subscription channels so you will be constantly up to date. There is also the opportunity to download a lot of programs and movies, meaning your daily commute can be spent watching TV and films without having to use your data allowance on your mobile.

More than just movie channels and boxes, if you subscribe to Sky Cinema you'll also get the original bundle. This means you have access to some great channels including Sky Atlantic, Comedy Central, Sky 1 and 2 and many more. The 240+ free view channels are also included as standard.

You can also combine this with any of the other packages and bundles available. Want Sky Cinema as well as Sky Box Sets? Sure! Want to combine Sky Cinema with your broadband? Of course you can! Sky have a great package for every need so try combining to get the package you desire.

The list of channels is incredible, with Sky Cinema premiere offering all the latest movies before anyone else. Sky Cinema Disney and Sky Cinema Disney - Pixar offering classic and modern Films that the younger audiences and parent alike will enjoy. Sky Cinema Comedy and Sky Cinema Action and Adventure have some of the best titles available at this time and there are also channels dedicated to Classic films and Crime and Thriller titles.

With so much variety you will never be without something to watch. Combine this with the fact that the titles are constantly being updated and new films are added every day then you will find that this bundle is a real hit.

Other subscription based TV packages will not have many of the titles available on Sky Cinema for many months, making your package exclusive and the most up to date. To stay ahead of the competition and watch films before anywhere else, this is a great package.

There are also many dedicated channels for particular titles available, these are updated regularly, but some of the greatest franchises such as Star Wars and Harry Potter have had dedicated channels showing all their movies and exclusive content for your viewing pleasure - many available on demand.

Many of these channels are available in HD, meaning you can also get the most out of your TV. The incredible picture quality really enhances your viewing pleasure and is just another great reason to subscribe to Sky Cinema.

*Some Prices will increase from 1st April 2018, £20 Sky Q 1TB box Install Fee.

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